Hello, my name is Brian.

I'm a designer and computer scientist with a CS degree from Berkeley. I'm passionate about AR/VR, HCI, education, and product design. I currently work as a Creative Technologist at the award winning architecture firm Rockwell Group in NYC.


Augmented Reality Research Project (Under Professor Luisa Caldas) - XR Research Engineer (2019)

PengramAR (mobileAR version): Funded by YCombinator 2019 - lead product designer. (2018)

PengramAR- Winner of US Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 - XR designer. (2018)

PantheonVR (funded by YCombinator) - cofounder / product designer. (2017)


Undergraduate Research Paper (Under Professor Carlo Sequin) - Geometric modifications on a Möbius Torus to create a walkable structure. Python, hashmaps, 3D geometry.

CS194 final project - Neural style transfer on 360 film. Neural networks, GPU rendering, 360 film

CS184 Final project - OpenCV interaction designs combined with efficient OpenGL meta-ball shader. GLSL, OpenCV, C++

CS160 Art Project - A 200 line piece of javascript using Gaussians and pixel blending to composite images. Javascript


Making Cubist Art in Blender - A piece on generative art using Blender3D.

Super Resolution in architecture - A piece about a promising use of Machine Learning in architecture.

Generative Algorithms and Artists - A piece about balancing procedural behaviour with artistic input.

Realtime Graphics in Architecture - A piece about Unity3D/Unreal Engine applications in architecture.

Contact me @ aronowb14@gmail.com

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