Hello, my name is Brian.

I'm a designer and computer scientist. I'm passionate about education, software engineering, and art. I currently work as a software engineer at the edtech company Juni Learning.

At heart I am a software engineer. I love writing code. I read constantly on how to improve: my favorite recent books/courses have been Designing Data Intensive Applications, HTML/CSS on Udemy, Clean Code, The Effective Engineer, and The Senior Engineer.

I love reading about business + design as well. Founders at Work, The Design of Everyday Things, Peopleware, and The Innovators Dilemma have been my favorites there.

Random aside: I did not intend this but over the years I've had some success in the art world. I'm not 100% why/when this happened but I think it's because I just like making things with cool people :). I've found that's led to some really awesome outcomes. My work has been exhibited at BAMPFA, Art Basel, Oh Bay Cultural Park, The Ivy Film Festival and 299 Park Avenue.


Creative Technology @ Rockwell Group - Variety of Technologies (2020)

Science and History Visualizations - Product Design (2020)

Augmented Reality Research Project (Under Professor Luisa Caldas) - XR Research Engineer (2019)

Undergraduate Research Paper (Under Professor Carlo Sequin) - Geometric modifications on a Möbius Torus to create a walkable structure. Python, hashmaps, 3D geometry.

CS194 final project - Neural style transfer on 360 film. Neural networks, GPU rendering, 360 film

CS184 Final project - OpenCV interaction designs combined with efficient OpenGL meta-ball shader. GLSL, OpenCV, C++

CS160 Art Project - A 200 line piece of javascript using Gaussians and pixel blending to composite images. Javascript

PengramAR (mobileAR version): Funded by YCombinator 2019 - lead product designer. (2018)

PengramAR- Winner of US Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 - XR designer. (2018)

PantheonVR (funded by YCombinator) - cofounder / product designer. (2017)

Contact me @ aronowb14@gmail.com

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